Safeguard at Amnic

Amnic engineers work hard to ensure that our platform and users are 100% safe. However, nobody’s perfect. Should you encounter a security vulnerability, we want to hear from you.

Looking to report a security concern? Please visit our Responsible Disclosure page. To read more about disclosure policy click here

Safety Protocol Features

Data Security

Amnic encrypts data at rest and in transit for all of our customers.

Application Security

Amnic regularly engages some of the industry’s best application security experts for third-party penetration tests. Our penetration testers evaluate the source code, the running application, and the deployed environment.

Infrastructure Security

Amnic uses Amazon Web Services to host our application. We use the security products embedded within the AWS ecosystem, including GuardDuty.

In addition, we deploy our application using containers run on AWS-managed services, meaning we typically do not manage servers or EC2 instances in production.

Amnic is always open to feedback, questions, and suggestions. If you would like to talk to us, please email us at