Measure and rightsize
cloud costs continuously

Measure and rightsize
cloud costs continuously

Measure and rightsize
cloud costs continuously

  • Lambdatest
  • Metamap
  • Nanonets
  • RagaAI
  • Pay3
  • axio
  • Zolve
  • 56 Secure
  • Humanify


Move towards
lean cloud infrastructure

Amnic provides 360-degree observability into cloud costs. Gain cost visibility at a network, billing and resource level with zero tech trade-offs

Continuous cost observability
of all cloud tools in one place

Connect with your favorite dev tool chain. Amnic integrates with native dev tools to provide a granular view into cloud costs

Trusted source of truth for DevOps industry leaders

Trusted source of truth for DevOps
industry leaders

Hear what they have to say


Prathamesh Juvatkar

Co-founder & CTO, Nanonets

Amnic has been a strategic partner for us in our cloud efficiency journey. The team has deep technical chops and has worked closely to develop innovative solutions to tackle the tough problems. We have been able to identify root causes and make our intra-region data transfers as well as S3 bucket data management more efficient with Amnic’s platform.


Mayank Bhola

Co-founder & CTO, Lambdatest

Amnic’s astute recommendation engine helped us reduce our cloud bill through optimization of network and cloudwatch costs. A key differentiator for Amnic remains its strong team which has channelized its significant experience in building a product uniquely suited to address pain points of fast growing companies.


Amit Sharma

Co-founder & Head of Engineering, Metamap

Amnic facilitated our transition from a self-managed Kubernetes environment to EKS, concurrently streamlining costs through implementation of elastic scaling mechanisms and strategic utilization of spot instances.


Sekhar Prakash

Co-founder, Cloud Engineering and Ops,

The Amnic platform played a pivotal role in bringing visibility and reducing our Kubernetes cluster costs by 50% by providing precise recommendations for right-sizing instances and pods. The team at Amnic is exceptionally responsive and showcases robust problem-solving abilities when it comes to the technical challenges in Cloud.

Breakdown Kubernetes costs

In-depth visibility into K8s pods, clusters, namespace, workloads and nodes


View Kubernetes costs in one place to understand spends and manage costs

GenAI powered

Amnic's Kubernetes co-pilot acts as an AI assistant and does your heavy lifting

Reporting and allocation

Simplified reports with granular insights into your Kubernetes spends

The easiest path to cost efficient cloud infrastructure

Easy setup
Get started in less than
5 clicks
Operates on top of most cloud providers
Native Integrations
Integrate tools across the dev toolchain
24/7 support
Trained experts to guide you at
any time
Trained experts to guide you at any time
SOC2 compliant.
Completely safe
No infrastructure heavy
lifting needed
It only takes 5-minutes to get started with Amnic
Build a culture of cloud cost optimization

Build a culture of

cloud cost observability

Build a culture of

cloud cost observability