July 10, 2024

5 principles to align your engineering organisation with frugal excellence: AmnicCast with Ankur Khare

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In this edition of AmnicCast, we are joined by Aankur Khare, Director of Tech, Strategy and Operations at Glance who has been in industry for more than 14+ years. Aankur shares that Glance is a content delivery platform that delivers content to lock screens and has more than 250 million users. Ankur and Satya have a detailed conversation about optimising cloud costs and fostering a culture of cost management. Aankur shares how to align your engineering organisation with frugal excellence through five simple principles:

Principle 1: The importance of being disciplined and independent in managing infrastructure costs, highlighting the need to switch off unused resources and leverage open-source tools efficiently. It showcases the power of simple practices in optimising costs effectively.

Principle 2: The significance of keeping services simple and understandable, enabling teams to identify and address complexity within their infrastructure for better performance and cost optimization. It promotes a culture of simplicity and efficiency.

Principle 3: The value of knowing consumption patterns to unlock significant cost savings through committed usage discounts, empowering developers to be mindful of resource utilisation and drive cost-effective decisions. It demonstrates the impact of data-driven insights on cost management strategies.

Principle 4: Using the right tools for optimal performance and cost efficiency, encouraging teams to assess their infrastructure needs and choose appropriate solutions to meet business requirements effectively. It emphasises the importance of aligning tools with specific use cases for maximum impact.

Principle 5: The critical role of observability and measurability in addressing issues promptly and fostering a culture of cost awareness and proactive cost management. It highlights the benefits of leveraging tools for enhanced visibility and problem-solving in a cost-conscious environment.

Aankur also covers a lot more in this episode of AmnicCast: 

  • Discipline and independence help prevent unnecessary costs by turning off unused resources, reflecting the importance of cost-consciousness.

  • Keeping services simple by explaining them in basic terms aids in optimization and highlights the significance of simplicity in achieving efficiency.

  • Understanding consumption patterns leads to significant cost savings, showcasing the impact of knowledge on reducing expenses.

  • Using the right tools for the right job optimises performance and underscores the importance of choosing tools wisely for efficiency.

  • Observability and measurability are crucial for quick issue resolution, fostering a culture of optimization and emphasising the importance of monitoring and adjusting in real-time.

Watch the full episode here: 


Build a culture of cloud cost optimization

Build a culture of

cloud cost observability

Build a culture of

cloud cost observability

Build a culture of

cloud cost observability